Top 5 Google Doodle Games to Play for Fun


Surfing on the internet often gets monotonous. Google has been a company, which is trying to be an all-rounder to provide top-notch experience for the customers and also giving well-deserving incentives to the creator.

To give us a little pinch of fun with some light-minded games away from cutting-edge AAA titles, we have covered the top 5 Google Doodle games to play for fun so that you can rejuvenate whenever tired.

  1. Pacman: Well, Pacman had been a legendary title in the genre of arcade games, so it is self-explanatory except it is in the shape of Google.
  2. 100 Years Crossword: For 100 years, Google did a “GOOGLE DOODLE” that was a giant crossword. It involves a lot of elementary questions that might relate some to general knowledge other than your specific interest.
  3. Rubik’s Cube: The doodles are some light-minded puzzles, but this doodle is there to celebrate Rubik’s Cube. It literally is the rubics cube, which you can solve. Obviously, all those mind-bending algorithms should solve one. But if one knows, it can prove to be a little treat for mind.
  4. Rabbit: This is adorable. There is a rabbit and we need to collect all the carrots, but not by any arrow keys or mouse; instead it is by coding. We need to code the sequence to make the rabbit to actually pick up carrots. This is fantastic for kids or someone who is an absolute beginner in programming. This cool game can easily give a taste of programming to a newbie.
  5. Kishi Festival Game: Kishi festival is valentine’s day in China and this game is based on the same. This game starts pretty simple. You just need to drag-and-drop birds to their corresponding spots to make a bridge for two lovers to meet. It actually gets intense as we move forward as some parts like the birds can fly off if they are not coupled or if you take too long the couple will fall off the bridge.

These are the games, which are cool yet rejuvenating for a brief period of time. 



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