The best hill station in india to travel


Traveling has always been interesting when you visit a number of different locations where you can try and taste the best dishes of the place. India is one such country where every location is unique and has something special to offer, so make sure to visit those places in the right season. If you’re thinking of traveling during the monsoon period, where it’s normally rainy in most of the major cities with a lot of traffic on one side and on the other side, there’s a lot of places to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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The best hill station in india to travel

Pelling – Pelling is a hill station situated in Sikkim, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the summit of Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas. This is the perfect location for people who enjoy adventure and activities like trekking. This area is always packed with snow and looks great throughout the summer and the monsoon.

Darjeeling – Darjeeling is one of the best places to discover, as most tourists visit this hill station. You will enjoy the finest beauty of nature and even make sure you have a seat in the toy train of Darjeeling and don’t forget the breathtaking sunset and sunrise view.

Shillong – Shilong is also popular as Scotland of India, where you can admire the beauty of nature. Be sure to visit the Elephanta waterfalls, you can go to the highest point and enjoy the finest view of sunset and sunrise. Visit this page to add a list to your mind.

Coorg – Coorg is also one of the best locations you can visit during the monsoon season. Make sure you’re going to see the Abbey Slides, Coffee Plantations, and a lot more to try. You will also go on the desert safari and elephant camp.

These are some of the best hill station in india to visit in India that you can choose to visit during monsoon period. You can also pick from some of the best places to visit in India, such as Kinnaur, Leh, Dooars Tour, Goa, Lakshadweep Island and Dalhousie. This are the best places to visit during the monsoon, where you can have the best memories of your life. Keep visiting so as not to miss out on any latest post. Hope, you have a hassle-free travel experience and share your feedback with us.

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