Quick Look at the Top Advantages of Online Booking for Air-Tickets


Online reservation services have simplified the booking and purchasing of airline tickets. Airlines often offer zero fare tickets where the customer only has to pay the applicable taxes when they plan the journey in advance, and book the tickets online a few months ahead of their travel dates. This low price mechanism is only possible due to the operational efficiencies practiced by airlines. Online booking system not only makes the whole booking system hassle-free, but also saves a lot of time too.

It’s the Digital Era!

With the advent of Internet, everything is going online. E-commerce is the latest buzz, and everyone seems to be hooked on to the Internet 24/7 through various mobile devices. Internet has become the most important need for most individuals.

Now, news is read online, and right from sending/receiving e-mails to social networking, people are connected to the World Wide Web all the time. Online ticket booking system has been a major boon to the travel industry. The advantages are many. You plan a trip suddenly and you can book your tickets in minutes.

Finding the Right Travel Portal for Booking Your Air Tickets

There are tons of travel-booking portals on the web, and the payment can be done using various online modes. So, you ought to find the right one to avail the best rates. You can search, compare and book tickets online on Traveloka.com; they provide a variety of travel related services to make the life of a traveler whole lot easier. They also provide a friendly user-interface where you can search and compare the fares of multiple airlines before choosing the best possible option. Moreover, with a single click, you can search all the airline carriers. You need not log in separately into each airline website to check the fare individually.

Other Impressive Features

Other intelligent services provided by these websites are quick booking features where you store your payment details, passenger details and make bookings with few clicks. Also, there are various offers provided by banks where you can get cash back and host of other advantages. There are ticket cancellation services and also visa assistance.

One can set filters and also set fare alerts, which can help passengers to get the best fares for travel. In fact, websites like Traveloka provide better set of features than many airline company websites. For destinations, which do not have direct flights, these websites try to form various combinations and display the results.

Online tickets are way cheaper than what travel agents charge. Many websites run promotions where they themselves offer discounts. Websites also provide package tours, which can be purchased as a whole. You just need to choose an appropriate date and you are good to go. There are various hotel deals, which can be booked along with the flights or separately. Users can also book insurance and cabs to and from the airport.

Mobile Access

They also provide mTicket, which can be downloaded on the mobile phone and used directly, waiving out the need to print the tickets. Moreover, with the existence of websites like these, the life of a common man has become easier than ever before. So, if you have not been using such websites, it is highly recommended that you start using them to make your life easier, and save money during your travel.


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