Do not want to compromise on the price? So, if you are looking for a web hosting bargain, well, InterServer is your best option. InterServer offers great benefits to its customers as all its plans come with outstanding customer service, SSL certificates, and a money-back guarantee.

The services provided by InterServer since 1999 have been reliable. They have been in operation for over twenty years and still deliver reliable and top-of-the-line services.

What are the hosting plans of InterServer Hosting?

Standard Web Hosting

The standard web hosting plan is one of the finest plans available with InterServer. They provide their users with some of the best features, and along with that, the price of the plan is quite affordable, which is $5.00 per month. Now, to some people, it might look as if the price of the a but high in comparison to other web hosts. But it’s actually cheap in the long run as they have this price lock option, which lets users lock the price of plans. This will ensure that during the renewal period of the plan, the price remains the same.

Going back to the features of this plan, it provides the users with unlimited SSD ultra-storage, Sitepad website builder, unlimited emails, free SSL certificates, Free website migration, 30-days money-back guarantee global content caching, intershield protection and some other similar features. Apart from all these, they provide you with over 450 cloud apps.

VPS Hosting

InterServer also has VPS hosting, and there are a few variations among those as well, like Windows VPS, WordPress VPS, etc. People are not enthusiastic about going with cloud hosting, as they find it to be quite prone to cyberattacks. But InterServer has some of the best security options, and they also Cloud Remote backup server. So, in case anything happens, you can users can use that backup, and the site will be up and running with a few minutes.

This also comes with various features such as remote backup, 99.99% uptime guarantee, cPanel. Apart from all that, it also provides users with CPU Cores, RAM, Free SSD Storage, and free Data transfer. Now, these features are variable, and you can choose them according to your need, but the most basic features would cost you $6.00 per month. The price lock option is available here as well.

E-commerce Hosting

eCommerce hosting is available with InterServer as well, and it comes with different types of options such as OScommerce, Pretashop, Opencart, Magento, and WooCommerce. These would cost you $5.00 per month and will come with all the features that are available with the standard web hosting available with InterServer. Apart from all that, they will also provide you with features such as Secure Shopping cart, multiple payment methods, SSL certificates, etc.

The eCommerce hosting available with InterServer doesn’t have any hidden cost, and your website can go live with a few moments. The administration interface is very simple and easy to use, and it’s very easy to add the products to the list.  Apart from all these, the users will also get an unlimited transfer, free tech support, unlimited storage, and unlimited email.

Email Hosting

This hosting comes at a price of $4.00 per month and comes with quite a lot of features as well, such as SPAM 7 Virus Protection, 24/7 Technical Support, Unlimited storage, unlimited devices, and it’s private and secure. This supports all OS platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The Benefits of InterServer

  • Wide range of Cloud Apps

InterServer provides its users with a wide range of Cloud apps, which is around or more than 450. These cloud apps are available for free with the standard web hosting plan available with InterServer.

  • Security

InterServer provides its users with quite a bunch of security options such as Email protection, Scan of scripts, File scanner, web application firewall, and similar other security options. In short, it can be said the InterServer has very good security.

  • Pricing

InterServer has fantastic web hosting plans for its users, and all these plans are again equipped with excellent features. Some of these features include Free SSL certificates, fast CDNs, unlimited domain and websites, quick and easy install. But they all would cost you $5 a month together with the plan.

  • Unlimited Storage

Most web hosts provide unlimited storage, but those are quite high priced. But with InterServer, it’s quite different, and the users are provided with this option at a regular price. To put it properly, unlimited storage features come with the regular InterServer plans.

  • Free SSL & Domain Names

SSL is quite important for a website, and it is very necessary as it ensures the security of the visitors on your website. Most web hosting plans come with free SSL certificates, and InterServer is one of them. The same thing goes for Domain names as well.

  • InterServer Site Builder

The website developer SitePad makes the website building fun and easy, and the standard web hosting plans with InterServer are available free of charge. It is really quick to use this website creator. This contains over 300 topics and an immense category that lets you build your website. In addition, it also provides more than 40 widgets to users to help you quickly build your website.


InterServer is a great choice for those who want something that is really stable and reliable. This is also very true that InterServer has certain drawbacks, but which web host doesn’t? What is relevant is how much of a disadvantage a web host has and are all the advantages getting shadowed by it or not. And InterServer is someone whose disadvantages are shadowed by the advantages.


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