How to Get More Likes on Facebook Fan Page?


With 74+ millions Facebook Pages, the social platform is continuously evolving to benefit connected businesses with wider exposure and business brand building. As per data collected in 2019, around 40 million small businesses use Facebook as a medium to promote their brand and connect with their customers. They have their Facebook Page/s and if they want to stand out of the crowd they need to get more likes on their Facebook Page. While there is an endless discussion over the relevancy of paid Facebook marketing, the general consensus however favours the social media platform.

If you’re managing marketing for one of these businesses, you will be aware of the fact that it is very difficult to get more likes on Facebook Page. Though it is challenging to get more likes on Facebook, it is worth the effort as this medium is highly popular. A research done by Syncapse, a social media marketing firm in 2013 indicated that the average value of a single Facebook fan is at $174. This number can be different for different businesses and industries, but in a nutshell, it indicates that gaining the attention and loyalty of the targeted audience on this social platform is vital. Since then, the Facebook fan following has only gone northwards and thus the present value stands at much higher than $174.

One measure to know – whether you succeeded in your endeavour or not – is to see if your Page can get more likes on Facebook. So, you will definitely like to see how you can get more likes on this platform. If you search “how to get more likes on Facebook” on Google, you will get plenty of effective ways.

The primary step is to create a Facebook Fan Page and work towards increasing the reach of the Page, beginning with increasing the number of ‘Likes’. In this article, we’ll share few ways that really work to get more likes on Facebook Page.

Include Your Facebook Links on Your Blog and Website

To divert traffic to your FB Page, you need to make it as noticeable as possible. This means that you need to promote the Facebook presence making use of all marketing channels that you are applying. Also, make sure that the existing contacts do not face any barriers in liking your Page. On your website or on your blog, try to use more of Facebook’s social plugins to motivate people to ‘Like’ your Page right from there instead of making them go to, which they often find inconvenient in case they are reading your blog. Similar to Like Button, the Like Box is designed exclusively for the Facebook Pages. This little box is the best way to amplify the reach of your FB Page. It not only displays the count of likes, but also the faces of fans, which the audience often find engaging.

Leverage Your Existing Contacts to Get More Likes on Facebook

Everyone has their own circle of family, friends and acquaintances, who would be willing to check on their Page and help get more likes on Facebook. But, you need to ask them either in person or via email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. to visit your Page, leave their reviews and like it. When you try to get more likes on Facebook this way, you should be cautious that it should not be over-promotion especially to those people who are uninterested because that might invite some negative reviews.

Use Other Social Platforms

One major requirement of content marketing is that you have profiles on various social platforms. So, make use of your business’ Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to add a link to your Facebook Page. You can tweet about your Facebook Page occasionally to encourage your Twitter or LinkedIn connections to visit it. Whenever you are trying to do such cross-platform promotions, you have to be really careful with your approach and strategy. It should in no manner look like that you are spamming because then you will lose the audience.

Be Consistent and Make Your Presence Felt

To get more likes on Facebook Page, you need to maintain an active ongoing presence and keep coming up with stuff that keeps people interested. Just having a profile optimisation, giving an initial push and then leaving the Page is not going to bear fruits. You need to consistently work on it to get more likes on Facebook. Posting meaningful and insightful content on a regular basis, interacting with your fans and followers, keeping them engaged with fun activities, having interactive discussions etc. are few ways of delivering value to keep your audience hooked.

Better Knowledge about Your Audience

The better you know your audience, the easier it will be to get the content drafted keeping them in mind. If your content is perfectly written for the targeted audience, you are bound to get great results. To get a better grasp of the demographics, you can go to the Facebook admin panel. Once you know what your fans’ general age and gender is, what they want to see and what posts they like the most, you can draft your content accordingly. There are some other details like which languages your fans are most comfortable with or which places they belong to. All these details help to better connect with them and well-focused content also helps to get more likes on Facebook since these details will help you get greater exposure in the news feed.

Fill Your Page with Relevant Content

Your Page should rank high in the search engine rankings and for this, it is vital that your Page should include content that is relevant, informative, and helpful, keep the users engaged and above all it should be searchable. Posts that are uninteresting are the biggest culprit of people not liking a brand page. So, you need to post stuff that aligns with the needs and wants of your targeted audience. Search engines index all the content that is on your Page, which helps to get more likes on Facebook Page. So, invest time in optimising each and every section of your Page with keywords that are specific and appropriate for your business.

A normal layout of the Facebook Page you have created should include:

#1 An overview of what exactly your business has to offer to the audience.

#2 There should be a link to your website.

#3 If there is any relevant information that will help prospects understand the business better, the FB Page should reflect that.

Keep your posts short and sweet. A research indicates that if you write short posts it keeps the readers engaged and they go through it. A long post, on the other hand, makes him uninterested and he/she scrolls away.

Use Eye-Catching Stuff

A visual is much more impactful than text. So, on your Page, you should have photos and videos too along with text-only updates. Images are the most shared piece of content not only on Facebook, but on all social media and they are the ones that get you the most likes and comments. Instagram and Pinterest rose to popularity riding on the back of eye-catching images only.

To get more likes on Facebook is the ultimate aim of any Facebook Page as it means more fan-following, more branding and ultimately all these result in more leads and more prospects. If you intend to get brand exposure, want to communicate effectively with targeted customers and cultivate relationships you need to have a Facebook Page that is well-liked. Let us see how this works.

If you “like” a Page, it will show up on your wall and in your news feed. Now whenever that Page will have any new status update on their Page’s wall, that update will appear in your news feed and you can see that. So, let’s assume a particular business FB Page has 300 fans, who had liked that Page. It means that status updates of your business page will publish in 300 people’s news feeds. Now if that update has great content, then there is a high probability that these 300 people will like, comment or share it in their circles of influence. On one hand, this kind of interaction is must for building customer loyalty and on the other hand, the content spreads virally by this approach.

So, we can conclude that Facebook likes do matter and businesses do all in their power to get more likes on Facebook Pages.


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