Healthy ways to reduce belly fat!


Belly fat can be sometimes embarrassing. We might be taking our weight loss routines very seriously but even after losing several unwanted pounds at different areas in our body, sometimes the belly fat may still remain. Certain areas of our body hold on to fat little tighter especially when we get older. There are two types of fat which stays in our body. Those are subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. These two types of fat have their own serious health implications.

The subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat which accumulates below the skin’s surface. Apparently we all are born with this type of fat. It is essential when we need our body to store energy. The subcutaneous fat helps in protecting our body if we fall or hurt our self. It will help in creating a layer of insulation and also controls our body temperature.

Subcutaneous fat helps in release of two hormones. One is leptin which helps in regulating our appetite and also burn the stored fat. This means that you need fat in order to burn fat. The other hormone is adiponectin which helps in regulating the levels of fats as well as the sugar levels in our body. This hormone protects our body from the risk of diabetes.

Visceral fat is the baddest of all. Increase in visceral fat can even lead to increase in the levels of insulin and raises our blood pressure. Serious health issues can be invited like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke and even cancer. Memory loss can also be caused due to this type of fat in our body.

Now there are several ways by which you can lose the belly fat. Regular exercises can decrease the increased amount of visceral fat in our body. The aerobic exercises can be immensely helpful. Going for a jog or running early in the morning are also healthy ways by which you can lose belly fat in no time.

Focusing on soluble fibers can also lead to loss of visceral fat. It slows down the delivery of the digested food from the stomach to your intestines which apparently decrease the appetite and also helps in healthy functioning of the body. The soluble fibers can be found in avocados, broccoli and also sprouts.

Consuming less sugar and staying away from Trans fats can help in cutting belly fat effectively. Sugar might be delicious but too much of it isn’t good for the human body. Increased sugar consumption may even lead to increased amount of body fat and also cause diabetes. Try to eliminate sugar from your diet for extra benefits. Also less consumption of artificial fats also known as Trans fats can help in reducing the belly fat and ultimately leading to a good and healthy body shape.


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