Google Assistant’s Find My Device Command Finally Helps You Locate More Than 2 Phones


Google Assistant has long offered the ability to help you find your missing smartphone, if by chance you would have misplaced it. But earlier, it was only able to find a couple of devices at once. But now, Google Assistance “find my device” command makes it simpler to find more devices. For people who move around by using two phones at once, this will make it more frustrating as the Google Assistant will find the most recently used phones. 

With the command “Find my device” on Google Assistant or Home Speakers, use your Google account to ring your Android or iPhone when you misplace it. But that list, though, is limited to just two devices. 

That has totally changed, now it will provide you with a selection of up to nine phones at a time.

Before, Assistant would possibly inquire as to whether you’d prefer to ring up the two most recent devices you’ve utilized in a binary selection and then give up after that.

The issue you’ll face with this occasionally is that Google doesn’t appear to realize which mobile phone you’ve really had your hands at last, so if you’ve changed to a handset you haven’t utilized in sometime, then of course you’ll not be assisted by Google Assistant. 

After the latest updates, Google or Nest Home speakers ask if they should ring the last device you’ve used first. And if you say no, then it will provide you with a list of five other devices, which are already connected to your Google account. 

If you say again no, then it will increase the list by adding three more devices. But in total there are nine devices limit, whether you’ve more devices connected to your account or not. The people having smart displays and phones will get advantage, you can view the whole list and can easily tap on the one to call up.

But after these updates, there are some issues. The list of phones uses a long and irritating codename, as said by Artem. So, it is quite unclear what some of those devices are without looking up for them. You’ll be frustrated and you cannot interrupt in between the Assistant when it’s reading the right device’s name to you. The drag down point is that you can’t say “Find my Pixel 4”. Any specific command gets treated like the generic “Find my phone/device”.


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