GitHub to Replace “Master” with Alternative Term to Avoid Slavery References


The CEO of GitHub said that it has started working on replacing the word “master” on its service with another and basic term like “main” just to avoid any unnecessary references of slavery. 

2018 Journal wrote this in academics “Such terminology not only reflects racist culture, but also serves to reinforce, legitimize, and perpetuate it”.

Presently, prodded by the Black Lives Matter fights over the US, the tech network is network is connecting again in endeavours to expel such language from source code, online administrations and programming apps.

GitHub abandons 'master' term to avoid slavery row - BBC News

First off, the Android mobile operating system, the Go programming language, the PHPUnit library and the Curl record download have stated their intention to replace blacklist/whitelist with neutral terms.

The same goes with the OpenZFS file storage manager, which has also replaced its master/slave terms used for describing relations between storage environments with some other simple or neutral terms. 

Gabriel Csapo tweeted that he’ll also be making updates for replacing many of the Microsoft internal libraries and will remove all the racially charged terms. He is a software engineer at LinkedIn. 

All other projects that didn’t use any of the racially charged terms or phrases in their source code or user interfaces have started looking into their source code repositories. 

The Git software or the GitHub online portal, which helps in providing Git-based source code hosting, manages all of their projects through sources codes. 

The term “master” is used by the default version of a source code repository in both Git and GitHub. After this, many of the open source projects have decided to make changes in their default Git repo from “master” to alternatives like main, default, primary, root or another. 

But GitHub decided to move on with the replacement of the term “master” irrespective of whether or not Git will replace it. 

Una Kravets, Google Chrome developer, tweeted on Friday that the Chrome project was also considering a similar move of remaining the default branch of the Chrome browser source code to “main” from “master”. 

Besides this, Chrome developer asked GitHub to follow Google in its move and help in driving changes across the industry. “The company was already working on the issue” said Nat Friedman answered promptly, the GitHub CEO. 

Most of the spoilers and the clarification that frequently remerges in these conversations is that terms like master/slave are currently more comprehensively used to depict specialized situations than real slavery and that the word “blacklist” has nothing to do with black people, but since from the coming ages of writing in black books from medieval England to write down names of problematic workers to abstain from recruiting later on. 



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