Five Useful Tips to Choose the Best Ecover Software


The fact that a book is not to be judged by its cover is true, but at the same time a book’s cover plays a very crucial role in drawing a person’s attention towards it. The aesthetics, professionalism, and beauty of the cover will decide whether or not a potential reader would pick up a book or just evade it. The same is the case with e-books as well. In fact, an e-book’s cover decides its success rate to a great extent. A compelling cover is vital for the success of e-books and there are several software programs that help in designing fantastic covers. Beginners may find it difficult to choose the right e-cover software program from the several available options. Here are few useful tips that can help you choose the right ecover creator or software for your needs.

Vast Range of Styles and Designs

The e-cover creator that you select should provide you a vast range of design templates without which it may not be possible to create a unique cover for your e-book. Remember that the graphics in the design templates should appear compelling enough to attract the readers. Further, there should also be lots of choices for style of texts.

User-Friendly Features

User-friendliness of the program is a very important aspect to be considered before choosing any software and e-cover program is no exception to this rule. The cover maker should offer intuitive features that can ease down the process of creating the cover. Moreover, it should be easily comprehendible by new users so that they don’t have to spend lots of time just to learn using it. So, easily understandable guidelines along with easy execution are vital.  This will help you create a captivating e-book cover easily.

3D Renders Are Added Advantage

If you want to design an e-book cover that is in tune with the latest advancements, 3D covers are the trend. To design 3-dimensional covers, the software should offer a choice of 3D renders in addition to the 2D ones so that you e-cover looks special and contemporary. The graphical effects presented by 3D e-book covers are second to none. So, ensure that the software you choose is integrated with this special 3D render feature.

Quick Results

The software you opt for should be able to give quick results. As an author, you cannot be spending lots of time just for creating the cover- you’ve much more to do about the content within also! So, the cover creator should be adequately sophisticated to understand your needs and generate results within just a few minutes.

Unlimited Access

Access to use the software should be unlimited so that you can create as many covers as you need by just paying for one program. If access is restricted, you may be forced to shell out more just for the software.

Using these tips, choose the right e-book cover software so that your content gets the cover that it deserves!


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