Different Football Trophy Choices for Players and Coaches


If you are a football player, coach or even a team manager you already know the importance of trophies in life of people who are related to the game. A good win gets the entire team a trophy, which always lifts their morale. Of course, it is not easy to win trophies in this game at least as there always are many teams participating no matter at what level the teams are playing. These Football trophies above all are important for keeping the coaches, managers and players motivated and always enthusiastic about the game they are playing. These trophies also help in retaining those players who have consistently played good football or the ones who have very bright future.

It sometimes becomes very tricky while choosing awards and trophies for every outstanding player or any member of the team. There are literally tons of choices available online and in physical stores and you can easily get confused about the kind of award you should select for acknowledging the achievers.

If a player has consistently excelled in the game, it is needless to say that he or she should be awarded with best of the trophies. The good part is that there are many good choices to pick from. Most of them are stylish and wide acceptable. Some of the popular ones are mentioned below:

  • Sculpture Trophies: These are absolutely unique trophies that are made of resin and often get hand painted by some bright colors. These trophies are often seen in shapes of players, animal mascots or footballs.

  • Lead Crystal Trophies: These crystal awards and trophies are not as costly as few think. They are usually very highly detailed and look best when put on black marbles.

  • Statuettes: These awards are obviously in the shape of a football player. These are the most commonly used trophies made of plastic or metals to be given to the football players.

  • Bobble Head: These are good only for those with enough funny bones. If the players can appreciate good humor a bobble head trophy could be a unique choice. These attractive awards feature a footballer’s body with a bobble head helmet on the top. This is the best for younger players.

The trophies and awards meant for head coaches should be totally different and must stand out as head coach is the man in charge. It is his mighty shoulders take the consequences of both winning and losing games. So always a special award should be chosen that reflects time, dedication and patience that a puts in training his team. Often customized plaques are used for coaches as they right away appear different from those meant for players. On top of that customized awards can always come with coach’s name, achievements, team details, team logo, special message etc. Hours of continuous work, focus and unshaken determination goes into training a team for good football games. It is important that a special effort is always made to honor the main player behind the game.


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