Best Apps for Solo Travellers

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Your smartphone is one of the best problem solver and forever companion you can rely upon.  All set to travel alone? Not to worry anymore, we are here to help you out. Curated below is a list of top 4 apps for solo traveling that are worth considering to make your solo trip, an exciting one. Check out the list of apps for solo travellers below;


12 Best Apps for Solo Travelers | Budget Travel

SoloTraveller is one of the most reliable app enabling people to come across new people on their trip and make friends. Using this app, one solo traveler can get in touch with another solo traveller at the same location in real time. Moreover, you can cut down most of your other expenses such as taxi fare, hotel accomodations and such more by pairing up with the other solo travelers. Most imporatnatly, you will find a new companion who will not judge you for any of your decisions.  To connect with your travel mate, search for the people based upon the age, interests and gender. The app is made available on both the platforms, iPhone as well as Android.


Eating alone at times might make you feel lonely, but not to worry about it anymore, when ever you feel like you need a company to dine in when travelling alone, you can consider the app Eatwith, as the name suggests, the app will connect you with the locals of the city you are in to eat with you. The eatwith app connect you with the local in over 130 countries for delicious cuisine.


Likewise, Tinder, Backpackr is one of the most favored app for the solo travelers. The app will display you information about the people headed to the same destination as yours with like minded thoughts. In case, if you find a person suitable to be your partner in your journey, you can get in touch with them and plan a meet. Backpackr, will surely make your journey better by helping you to connect with your perfect match.  Also, the app earns bonus points which gets redeemed for the member deals on hotels, pubs and restaurants. The app is available on both, iPhone and Android platforms.

And here the list of some of the best apps for solo travellers comes to an end. To make your trip interesting than ever before, do check out these apps.

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