Auto Insurance Coverage Terms You Need to Know


In order to become proficient and to be successful in all businesses, it is pretty important get familiarized in particular business terms and different fields. Such business terms undoubtedly build basic knowledge of the interest and field. It eventually leads to success.

Here are some of the terms that are associated with auto insurance as well as quotes that you need to look into. These terms are pretty much helpful in making the auto insurance policy successful.


It is also termed as claim adjuster. Adjuster is the insurance company worker who will be responsible for investigating all claims. Other responsibilities of an adjuster include payment and evaluation of each claim associated with the policyholder.


It is an unforeseen, unplanned or unintended event that is beyond the control.  Incurred loss is compensated by claiming by carrier. Claim depends on the actual cash value of the item involved.

Auto insurance companies try their best to supply sustainable, quality, efficient, and affordable policy coverage to the holders. They also aim at increasing the savings to meet specific needs.


Actuary is the specialist who calculates the premiums and insurance risks. These risks are involved in computing the loss reserving, determining accident frequency as well as life expectancy. They also serve as key ingredients to an insurance company.

They also help in making profits and are involved in trends assessment and determining the policies.

These specialists also have management sharing with respect to the carrier’s expenditure and offering the claims according to the requirements.

Accident Frequency

It refers to the number of times that an accident occurs. Accident frequency is considered during the time of policy. The actuary computes the accident frequency to determine the possible loss.


He is the licensed insurance provider who will sell insurance policies for the insurance company, negotiating the effecting insurance contracts. The agent serves as the middle man in offering quality insurance service to the customers.

Insurance agents work for the firm indirectly on commission basis and they can also be called as exclusive agents.

Agreed Price

Agreed price is the repairing cost for the damage to the property. It is paid to the customer agreed upon corresponding representative and adjuster. Whenever the incurred loss occurred, repairing cost agreed will be used as claim.

Agreed Value

It is the value that is agreed by insurer and the vehicle insured. It will be paid to the customer in the form of unforeseen damage.


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