6 Things to Do While You Are in Sydney, Australia


Australia is truly a beautiful place to visit and if you are planning to trip down to this place, then here is a list of top 6 things that you must do while you are in Sydney, Australia.

Australia is a wide spread continent with several breath-taking sights. You can enjoy your strolls on the white sands, wander through the rich and green rain forests or drive across an endless exquisite red desert. You can also enjoy the famous Australian cuisine in some best restaurants; cherish the wineries and shops too. But here is what you must not miss:

1) A Rather Thrilling Flight to the Mighty Blue Mountains

The exciting and spectacular views of the beautiful city, the Sydney harbor, the Blue Mountains National Park and also the breath-taking Jamieson Valley can be experienced in this 45 minute flight and this is before you are set down on the top of the mountains where you can enjoy your barbeque lunch in peace and secluded surroundings.

2) Join a City Sight Tour

You can join some groups that are out exploring the beautiful city. You must visit the charming and historic Rocks area, witness the pleasant views of the Sydney harbor, Opera House and the Bridge too. You can enjoy your morning tea in the Sydney Harbor National Park before you travel down south. And after a stroll along the cliffs, you can enjoy the Bondi beach and also the Centennial Park before moving back to the Circular Quay.

3) Sail though the Blue Ocean

You should definitely sail over the blue oceans around the Sydney harbor as it is considered to be one of the most beautiful harbors in the whole world.

4) Cherish the Picturesque Hunter Valley

It is a must-visit place so that you can discover the very first wine region of Australia. You can also join few private winemakers for a tour of all the distinctive wines in a private tasting at the great wineries of the region.

5) Make Sure That You Visit the Australian and International Art Exhibitions

You should definitely witness the art exhibitions at the New South Wales’ Art Gallery and also pay a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

6) Don’t Miss the Sydney Aquarium and Taronga Park Zoo

The aquarium in Sydney is one of the greatest and most amazing aquariums in the whole world. And the journey through the oceans and rivers of Australia would be the most exciting things to do. Also, at the Taronga Park you can witness the natural habitats of various animals by being close to them.


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