5 Secrets for Survival of Female Travelers Visiting Australia Alone


Being single while planning voyage Austalie, a female should consider all hazards of travelling alone. It is better to do the homework and get to know about the things, which solo women should, and should not do, while travelling to visit Australia. These tips would be “backpackers and singles paradise” and help females in making their trip of a lifetime very safe, happy and memorable one!

For savvy and solo singles, here are five things to remember –

  1. Youth hostels or backpacker accommodations are best places to stay: Gone are the days when youth hostels were dirty. These days, savvy guests look for a place, which is safe, clean and comfortable having great facilities. For single females, hotels may seem to be a cold and lonely place. For this reason, backpacker hostels are very popular. Also, youth hostels are a place where people meet and share their travel experiences and ideas in a comfortable and safe environment. These days, backpacker hostels offer facilities, including opportunities of group travel, budgeted meals and swimming pools. Savvy guests should look for hostels conveniently located for transport. While travelling around Australia, select hostels out of all options and stay at those hostels, which offer these facilities. In Sydney, a youth hostel was recently opened and is having panoramic views of Sydney Harbour. Among them, many are located close to beaches or situated on tropical islands near the deserted beaches.

  1. Carry less stuff and travel light: You should not carry heavy clothing like towels and bulky winter pajamas. Heavy backpacks can cause back pains. Australia is a sunny and warm country. Heavy and bulky clothing won’t be needed there. Most of the hostels and hotels are air-conditioned. You can get cheap towels to hire very easily.

  1. Unwanted Attention from Men: Australia is an awesome place where singles can meet other singles. There are many opportunities for this, which include backpacker accommodation, hostels, football matches, pubs and beaches. And if you are planning voyage Australie in the month of February, you have a great chance to enjoy Valentine’s Day happily. But, if you are not at all interested, here is a suggestion – if you feel that you are getting unwanted attention from any man, you should not tell him that you are going to meet them later or show them that you want to get rid of them. They might turn up. Rather you should say “no” politely and firmly – If situation demands, say you are married and have two, three or four kids to avoid such unwanted attention from men!

  1. Travel Healthy: When visiting Australia from a distant country, your flight may take up to 24 hours or longer. Drink plenty of water during the flight; no consumption of alcohol or no sleeping tablets! Walking a lot around the cabin is advisable.

  1. Arrival time: Organize your schedule of airline smartly so that your scheduled arrival in Australia is between 9am and 3pm. Arrival at night time can prove hazardous for solo females traveling to a strange city. For example, Sydney, at nights, may be unsafe and taxis are very expensive from the terminal.

With these tips in mind, take every safety measure to stay safe during your trip to Australia.


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