Road to Rank 1: Link Building Tips


Link building is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization to sustain and thrive in the online market. There are many major benefits of link building for your website.

Link building is essentially a way for users to navigate between different pages on the internet. If you’re looking for more and more search engine traffic for your website or content, learning the art and mastering link building is a must. Gone are those days when you could easily build thousands of spam links and watch your site resting proudly at the top of the first page.

Here are a few tips to sustain in this current era and beyond.

1. Build Your Relationships

You need to build good contacts to generate more backlinks. There are plenty of ways through which you can build contacts. Most popular ones are blogs, forums, and social groups on Facebook.

Actively participate in all these communities that are solely based on your niche, provide valid and circumstantial comments and posts for all such discussions. You will not only connect with people that share your passion but also learn and gain newest links and generate good backlinks.

2. Provide Valid Testimonials

Many businesses will offer you a chance to write about your experiences using the products developed by them. By conveying proper testimonials, you build customer trust and on the other hand, they give you backlinks and potential traffic from their site. It’s a win-win situation.

3. Blogging

Creating content based on your niche on an orderly basis builds links internally through your posts. Blogging about topics that are related to your field should be precise and well-structured. The viewers will link to it again and again if they find the content suitable.

4. Ask People for Backlinks

Take advantage of your friends, relatives, employees, colleagues or anyone else by asking them for a link. They should have a blog or website. Predominantly, their blog or website should be relevant to your content. Otherwise, it will not create much of an impact.

5. List Your Website in Active Directories and Review Sites

Being listed in valid directories related to your content is a proven way to gain links to your site. It will also generate huge traffic to your site. If more and more people visit your website, it will certainly be taken into accounts by Google and your ranking will be based on that. For instance, you can start with a listing in the Dmoz. It is a vast and most extensive human-edited directory of the web.

There are tons of review sites too to generate traffic to your site. The review sites will either post a negative or positive review based on your content. It will also help in improving your Google places listing, which is measured by a totally different algorithm.

These are just some effective techniques for link building. Of course, it is useful in the long run. Keep in mind that patience is the key for proper link building.


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