7 Things You Should Know before Traveling to Israel

traveling to israel

Have you already planned to visit Israel and enjoy the fun activities there? If yes, then you need to gain a deep insight into the Israeli culture. Listed below are few vital aspects that you ought to know before traveling to Israel.

Shabbat (Rest Day)

One day in the week is completely for rest in Israel. It starts from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday. Most of the shops, transport, and supermarkets remain closed on this day. The name of this rest day is ‘Shabbat’. So, take this into consideration while planning your itinerary.      

Safety Aspect

You probably have heard about the security problems of Israel, which are indeed true. However, you can easily find soldiers in every nook and corner to save the people from any contingency. Women can roam freely even at night because of tight security arrangements. So, safety and security concerns are considered seriously in Israel.   

Extravagant Items

This is an important aspect you must take into consideration before visiting a place. Well, be aware of the fact that the things you get here are excessively expensive. The price levels touch the sky. Even the groceries are not cheap.

Eco-Friendly Country

Solar panels on the roofs and eco-friendly pools are in abundance there. The ways that the Israelis adapt to depict their love towards earth are incredible and you will love roaming across the various places in Israel.

Bedouin Culture

The Bedouin culture of eating local food and drinking tea is still prevalent there. It is really cool to stay at sandy places and enjoy Bedouin culture there.

Amazing Variety of Food

Visiting Israel will be a completely different experience for you. You would get a chance to taste different cuisines. But, before ordering food of your choice, keep one thing in mind that Israelis love to share food with itineraries. They expect you to order different things and try every food item instead of ordering selected items.

Conservative Environment

Israel has several religions and cultures. The modern lifestyle is just amazing. The local customs are strictly followed by Israelis and they want visitors too to follow it. Photography also needs to be done carefully and in public places, women are required to cover their legs and arms.

It would really be enjoyable to visit Israel if you know more about the country. So, do your research before visiting Israel.


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