4 Real Estate Property Management Software Programs


As consumers today move towards mobile apps and websites for many a requirements mobile app companies continue to provide solutions to the needs with new innovation. Besides new innovation new avenues where technology can be of assistance are being explored each day. The real estate industry is one such avenue. This industry although vast and financially strong has not seen much involvement with technology. Whether it is running a real estate business or marketing or interacting with potential consumers.

Property Types

Real estate property management industry has its set of needs when it comes to technology. Some companies work with multiple property types, while other with certain specific types only. Residential, commercial, industrial are some examples of real estate types. Technology is required today by landlords and managers to improve collections and improve the services they offer to their tenants. A property management software can help streamline the tasks a manager needs to perform on a regular basis.

Choice of Technology

Choice of technology varies depending upon your requirements. Managers of commercial office space may have to look for a different software application as compared to someone who deals with residential properties. There are other types of application which will be useful for home owners association or companies offering affordable housing.

Managing Multiple Properties

For individuals with a higher set of requirements such as those who have large number of properties to handle require a stronger and a software with higher number of features.

Thousands of property managers today are considering the use of software to run their business. Some who are already using software now consider to change their existing property management application. Here are some of the features you must consider before choosing the best property management application for you.

Online Services: With the widespread use of internet today many tenants are looking to get reminders of rent by email. Some may also look for an online system where they can pay rent, or submit their notice to vacate through the app.

Online Advertising of Vacancy Postings: Many systems allow you to post vacancies to popular real estate websites through a single interface. A property owner can easily submit vacancies by entering a few details and submitting it. The provided details are easily available on multiple websites at a time.

Web marketing tools for managers: Software which are designed to be used by property managers also consist of tools to build websites. Websites which can be used for marketing and showcasing the properties. Inbuilt SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool can also help to attract more traffic to your website. They can also help you to determine the traffic sources and the impact of the marketing efforts.

There are host of choices to choose a software available. You may choose the best one which suits your need based on the pointers given above. Here we have listed 4 of the best real estate management apps which you can consider in your decision making. They are rated as the top real estate management software available today.

AppFolio Property Manager: Designed and built for property managers, AppFolio Property Manager is a user-friendly, web-based property management solution that’s available for one low monthly fee, which includes –

  • Easy vacancy posting,
  • online rent collection,
  • professional websites,
  • online applications and lease agreements,
  • built-in screening,
  • accurate accounting,
  • mobile inspections, and
  • other time-saving features

Genkan: An online management solution for agents specializing in holiday rental, short term and vacation property management and bookings.

TrueRent: Free Property Management Software (up to 50 managed units), Track Portfolio Performance, Collect Rents Online, Mobile, PC or Mac.