4 Amazing yet Affordable Beach Destinations in Asia


A beach vacation would definitely remind of these – the warm sand, the subtle yet shining red hot sun, the mild and calm but sometimes rigorous beach waves touching the sand and your tender feet and leaving without the waters’ signature impact and patterns as they get back from the white edge. What a pleasing sight and relaxing moment would it be? If you love traveling and if you are panning for your next vacation, try visiting these beautiful beaches in Asia.

  • Patnem Beach

The shores of Patnem in Goa and its waves wear the flavour of the sunset and sunrise. This turns the entire destination into a sight colored by the essence of sun. The beach is small, quiet and peaceful. It is less crowded giving the tourists an opportunity to enjoy to the fullest. It suits the best for a small beach hut party.

  • Havelock Island

Andaman Islands of India house Havelock Islands, one of the most loved and scintillating beach destinations of the continent of Asia. Havelock helps travelers to unlock the tinge of how life at a beach destination would be. It is a place, which is natural and simple unlike artificially added luxuries or high comfort resorts.

  • Pulau Derawan   

As the best option for all those who are looking for a change of lifestyle and experience, Pulau Derawan is all that the creative and diverse world has to give us. Stay away from your routine corporate and luxurious life for some time and incline your mind, heart and soul towards peace, relaxation, happiness and joy. This beach in Indonesia is sure to make your vacation an amazing one.

  • Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang is Thailand’s most stunning beach destination. It holds the peninsular edge filled with blue streams. The rock climbers’ all-time favorite limestone peaks and mountain tops attract the seasonal trek dreams. The long way sails across the waves of Phra Nang in tail-structured boats to bring the beach lovers together.

The best vacation is called so only when the destinations you choose are from the bottom of your heart. When you visit what you desire, you will obtain complete amusement, happiness and satisfaction. Mark your next vacation with these amazing beach destinations of Asia.  


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